In Antiquity, the Romans, for their requirements in armament, exploited Copper which conceals from what was known thereafter by Djebel Ouenza.

1863 settlement of the first Europeans to research iron ore in         Ouenza.

Exploitation of the iron ore in Beni-Saf by the Mokta-El-Haddid         Company.

1878 Obtaining the first prospecting permit in the perimeters of         Ouenza and Boukhadra.

1878 French engineer Tissot discovers the iron ore layer of Anini.

1894 Beginning of the exploitation of the phosphate layer of Kouif, Tébessa, by the Company of         Phosphates of Constantine.

1901 Concession for the research and the exploitation of the iron ore Ouenza granted to the         French geologist Pascal.

1913 Foundation of the Company of Ouenza.

1914 Interruption of the activity due to war causes.

1921 Renewal of the activity and startup of the junction line (electrified line) of iron Ouenza -         Wadi-Keberit.

1930 Startup of the junction line of the railroad (electrified Line) of Boukhadra (Mine of         Boukhadra).

1935 Archivement of the junction line of railroad (electrified Line) of Annaba Oued-Keberit.

1940 Beginning of the exploitation of junction line by the Railroads.

1952 Electrification of the facilities of the mines of Ouenza and Boukhadra (semi-mechanization         of the exploitation).

1955 Beginning of the realization of the junction line of railroad of Tébessa - Djebel-Onk.

1966 Nationalization of the mines of Algeria.

1967 Creation of the National Company Research and Mines Geology SONAREM.

1979 Creation of the Foundry of Ouenza, Tébessa.

1983 Reorganization of the SONAREM company.

1983 Creation of National Company of iron and phosphate, FERPHOS.

1985 Closing of the iron Mine of Beni-Saf (exhaustion of the reserves) and beginning of the         exploitation of pozzolana on the same concession.

1990 FERPHOS joint stock company ruled by the common law.

1991 Creation of the Research and Studies Center Applied to Development, CERAD.

2001 Signature of the agreements of partnership with international group LNM, and creation of         ISPAT Company Tébessa for the exploitation of the mines of Ouenza and Boukhadra.

2003 Creation of FERBAT, spa subsidiary of real estate.


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